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    List of necessary documents
  • document 1: Introduction and Rationale for the Proposed Test Method
  • document 2: Test Method Protocol Components
  • documets 3: Characterisation and Selection of Substances Used for Validation of the Proposed Test Method
  • document 4: In Vivo Reference Data Used to Assess the Accuracy of the Proposed Test Method
  • document 5: Test Method Data and Results
  • document 6: Test Method Relevance (Accuracy)
  • document 7: Test Method Reliability (Repeatability/Reproducibility)
  • document 8: Test Method Data Quality
  • document 9: Other Scientific Reports and Reviews
  • document 10: Animal Welfare Considerations (Refinement, Reduction and Replacement)
  • document 11: Practical Considerations
  • document 12: References
  • document 13: Supporting Materials