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  • 学会発表・セミナー発表

    • Kojima H:Non-animal Alternative Toxicology and Regulatory Testing: An Update from Japan. Virtual International Conference to Mark the Launch of the Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing in Sri Lanka (SAAT-SL)(2021.2.7,Sri Lanka, Virtual)
    • Kojima H:Current projects for systemic toxicological testings in Japan. Global Collaboration Coffee When and How We Can Stop Using Animals in Toxicology, 2021 SOT Virtual Annual Meeting(2021.3.16,USA, Virtual)
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    • Kojima H: AI, iPSC and MPS Projects for Systemic Toxicity, Annual meeting on advancing 21stCentury Toxicology,The Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing and the Animal-Free Safety Assessment Collaboration (2021.5.12,USA, Virtual)